Friday, August 8, 2014

Concept Universal Computer InONE

It's no secret, that modern computerscan not do without peripherals.
Mouse, keyboard , touchpad tablets - each user chooses the most
convenient and functional. However, with the advent of monoblock
InONE, take care of component would be not necessarily, because it is
equipped with all necessary devices for a variety of activities.
Stylish computer,developed by Jakub Zahor, combines a 22-inch display,
keyboard, touchpad, tablet and speakers. Ergonomic monoblock has a
wide range of options for the most demanding users. For example, who
are not able to print a "blind" can follow for typing, using tablet.
Of course, will be possible to connect to InONE and other peripherals.
Computer is ideal for creative professionals: designers, artists,
Designer Jakub Zahor


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