Friday, August 8, 2014

Concept Nokia FIT - On My Fingertips

Nokia FIT - a concept phonethat can be worn on the finger. Made of
soft silicone rubber, flexible, fully waterproof and phone support
voice communication and SMS. You can take it with you to the pool and
enjoy the fun even if you are expecting an important call. The
designer has added a built-vibration, in order to avoid embarrassing
situations during important meetings.
Concept avoids exposing ears along the day to the continuous Bluetooth
radiations and reduces the excessive use of the hand-phone devices by
fixing an optimized flexibility rubber coated device on finger,as a
ring, this device is ergonomic because every part of it is fixed on
separate phalanx. The first part integrates ergonomically and smoothly
the speaker and the call acceptation switch, it is fixed on the distal
phalanx. The second part fixed on the middle phalanx integrates the
vibration mechanism, missed calls and unread messages LED indicators
and the battery. And the third part is fixed on the proximal phalanx
and integrates the call cancel switch with the microphone. This device
works via Bluetooth as nowadays earphone, we use it simply like we use
hand-phones. What do you think of this smartphonering?
Designer Issam Trabelsi


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