Monday, December 27, 2010

Stunning Wrist Phone


Latest gadgets and advanced technology has given many wonderful things to world. Sometime its really hard to imagine that is this possible and next day you will see that gadget around you. The expansion of science and technology has given new comfort and easiness in human life. Here I would like to introduce you with such kind of mobile which is really helpful and amazing. Just imagine if you have your mobile phone instead of your wrist watch.yes that's true. The wrist phone concept has given new imagine to the world. Rather than carrying your Mobile Phone you put it on your hand instead of your wrist watch.

This master piece is designed by Shirley A. Roberts, which can be wrapped around your arm like a big Wonder-ish bracelet. The mechanism is very simple. When you receive call just remove it from your hand and start talking, as simple as that. It has the glow signed bright LCD display which show you all the details like your mobile phone, well time as well like a wrist watch. The slim and stunning design gives attractive look to this phone.

These days as we know we have high resolution touch screen up to 8MP camera
phone, which are just like your computer. So its really hard for people to digest such a kind of thing. But still people who use their mobile generally as only voice communication medium and would like to leave a fashion icon on them then this would be the perfect choice for them.


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