Saturday, August 9, 2014

Concept Holographic iPhone 6 - Dream

Which iPhone 6 we only have not seen ! Who are their only "did" !
However, most of the concepts similar as twins: no unallocated space
on the sides of the display, the big and lungs. This , incidentally,
is the same - here a designers could not surprise. What distinguishes
this project from hundreds of the same - so is the idea of UI.
Participants SET Solution decided that visualization iPhone 6will the
holographic and called Dream. A screen the hypothetical gadget will be
able to design itself on the surroundings. Thus with hologram can ,
in theory, interact - to use as the screen.
Several years ago, another group of designers prophesied similar ( but
not identical !) Functionality of the iPhone 5 . Did not work! Who
knows , maybe for the iPhone 6 all is not lost ... At the same time a
chance for the appearance the holographic displaynegligible. Dream -
do not dream.


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