Monday, January 23, 2012

Concept Smartphone Booklet

Future, anyway, somewhere close by.Nanotechnology – is not only
billions of transistors in processors,nanotechnology revolution will
determine the complete rethinking of all aspects of our life. Mobile
devices can become ultra-thin, andit's not pathetic 7 mm, this device
thickness of a sheet of cardboard. Smartphone is made in a futuristic
form factor booklet. The device consists of several panels, the
thickness of each of which is comparable to the thickness of the
cardboard sheet. Get all the necessary electronics in such thin panels
help of nanotechnology. What exactly – it is part, and not the
essence, and the possibilities Smartphone Booklet.
He has unlimited memory, not having on board his own drive. All user
data stores in a "cloud" and access them at any moment upon request.
Second, the volume of its own battery Smartphone Booklet is minimal,
since the surface of the device are solar cells, through whichcharge
is easily accomplished even without access to the city mains. Finally,
the third, according to the author's idea, the cost of a smartphone is
minimal, this is a one-off device, which you can just throw it away
when it goes out of fashion or become defective. Great idea, though I
really futuristic.
Designer: Ilshat Garipov


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