Friday, January 20, 2012

Future of tablet computers concept.

How interesting glimpse into the future and look at the new device!
This opportunity provided us with aSONY company. She showed some of
its notebook Vaio. This is their possible future. The first Vaio
concept (above) It is a two part solution; a thin curvy looking screen
and a thin curvy looking keyboard . In the design mock-up on show, the
screen is able to stand thanks to a bulbous panel at the rear, while
in a second model in thesame box the bulbous behind has disappeared.
They could be two separate options, or as we like to think, a design
that expands and retracts when needed. That sounds far more fun.
For those not fussed with typing on a keyboard, the laptop also comes
with a stylus that slots in to the Vaio laptop in front of the large
trackpad and can be used to make notes on the screen. This is their
possible future. All this is so unusual and attractive! Will it


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