Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Concept tablet of future iPad Contact

In science fiction movies often show the pocket Gadgets with
transparent display, which is actively used by the characters. Of
course, a fantasy - she is fantastic, that dream about unattainable
technology, but what if we consider the possibilities of the future
with regard to modern technology? Take, for example, the device iPad
Contact, fully transparent tablet computer.
Of course, iPad Contact - this is just a concept, but it looks quite
real in the accompanying text to the three-dimensional rendering.
Judging by the images, despite its transparency, it performs all the
functions of a standard tablet, and can even take pictures with the
integrated camera. In fact, iPad Contact entirely consists of a
display that responds to touch and are two-sided. By the size, a
concept recalls of iPad mini - compact 8-inch tablet from Apple,
available the commercially.
The device looks, of course, beautiful and once there is a desire, if
not to buy it, then at least try in action,but, alas, on sale it is
unlikely to emerge in the foreseeable future. The problem lies in the
distribution of electronic components, and the same battery - the
transparent their do not, and minimize the level of electronics are
not yet big enough, to fit all chips and modules, as well as the
battery, in the side frames (which,note here either not). But as they
say, no harm in dreaming, and iPad Contact painted by very beautiful,
so we will admire it and submit it in their hands.
Designer Chike Newman from London


Ammar said...

Nice to read the post keep updating. You must know about this
new technology inventions

ahmed said...

Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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