Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Beautiful concept iPhone 8

Apple is very slowly refreshes lineup of smartphones, releasing only
the pair in a year, although and this it suffices to be one of the
leaders. Together with the model number slowly changing
appearanceiPhone , some change ... iPhone, some changes, of course,
are made, but firm style remains the same. This new look at this
The first thing want to note an interesting design solution, used in
the design iPhone case 8. This name received the concept by Steel
Drake. Virtually the entire perimeter of the body stretched sturdy
metal frame decorated in turn, aluminum corners. The front and rear
panel, we see a stylish plastic "cover", which creates a layered
effect. The solution is interesting, but on the thickness of the
device, it may affect not the best way.
Such a laminate is not only effectively, but also increases the visual
thickness of the device, while on the other hand, such a solution may
seem very practical. Suffice it to recall the present scandalous bent
housing iPhone 6Plus, and all at once becomes clear. Presumably, to
the output of the eighth-generation smartphone, Applewould be to treat
this aspect of the much more serious.
Designer Steel Drake


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