Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Waveface: ASUS Advanced Project Showcasing the Technologies of Tomorrow, Today!

Asus Waveface concept phone

Asus have a tradition of showing off odd-looking concept phones at CES, and CES 2010 is no different. They’ve gone one better this year, though. They’ve come up with a whole range of concept gadgets, each given the WaveFace name, and all of which jump on as many bandwagons as Asus could think of!
The concepts aren’t exactly new. Wearable smartphones, information
pushed to you whenever you need it, info available form all sources at all times, yada yada!
The only difference is that the concepts are being demoed at an electronics show where the gadgets are actually doing exactly what Asus reckons the devices of the future will be doing!

Other than the bendy smartphone, everything else you see in the video after the jump is pretty much here now – just check out the latest gadgets at CES 2010 to see for yourself!


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