Saturday, June 25, 2016

iPhone 8 Concept

Apple has always been a benchmark in making the smartest phones and immunizing them with lots of features and quality material. The next sensation in the market is said to be the Apple iPhone 8.. Anyway, there are some patents related to the device that have been used by Techconfigurations as inspiration to create the concept. Design of this marvelous smartphone below.

iPhone 8 that feels like a cylinder, because it has a curved front and curved back, on the edges of course. There’s a dual camera at the back, but now with the typical integration you’ve seen in all those many renders. It feels more like HTC One M8 rather than Huawei Honor 6 Plus and is intriguing the flash placement.

The facade and particularly the bottom feel a bit inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, while the back is rather original, since the curves are more gentle than the ones of the Galaxy Note 5 for example. Looks nice, but probably won’t happen.

Integrated device technology

Beautiful concept iPhone 8

New phone technology

Concept iPhone 8


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