Saturday, April 2, 2011

Using a Stability Ball for transportation – The Supple

You know those bouncy balls you see in all fitness stores, well,
mechanical engineering student,  Mohamad Sadegh Samakoush, has welded
a chair and thrown in a computer making for a bizarre yetintriguing
The Supple is balanced on a globe wheel, which is controlled by a
motor and a processor. The conceptis meant to go front, back, left,
right and even do a 360 degree loopty loop.
The Supple or AGV (automatic guide vehicle) machine uses a wireless
network. The half machine, half processor is guided by a GPS in which
the driver clicks on their destination and the supple rolls them to
that exact spot. Leaving the "driver" (probably call them a passenger
since they don't actually drive) can play a game of solitaire on the
attached LCD screen that pops out of the side of the globe.
Mark my words, in 250 years everyone will have one of
these…Unfortunately it won't passthe motor vehicle act until seatbelts
and a front bumper are incorporated into it.


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