Monday, December 27, 2010

The Yuno PC Coffee Cup


Gadgets have made dramatics change in our life. Some Gadgets like mobile phone, computer, laptop and many more has become the necessity of our life. We can't think our life without it, right? Well now if it is necessity then why shouldn't we enjoy it? Just imagine while having a cup of coffee, you will get update about latest weather, news, traffic information, flights schedule, train timings and many more.

Yes it will be possible, the concept gadgets, the Yuno PC Coffee cup. The new technology about flexible screening with touch control can make this happen. This will make you update about current weather, traffic information, flights timings, trains timetable, stocks and many more with the help of touching the button on the screen. You can organize your schedule even. You can also display your own images as a screensaver if you just want to relax. It lets you enjoy the morning the way you deserve to, stress free and highly caffena


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