Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Glass-phone, becoming viral over the net

I was very ignorant at first upon seeing this pomegranate phone in the internet making it one of the coolest gadget in my list that I want to have. Upon seeing the site which promotes the mobile handheld, I thought that this phone was the coolest thing ever. Their marketing seems very realistic with it’s videos displaying  some of it’s unique features. But then I realize that the phone never existed in reality, that it was just pure marketing of a place called Nova Scotia. Just then I stumbled this cellphone pictures in Facebook which was posted by one of my friends.
I thought this was worth a share and and a cool thing to blog for so here are some of the pictures of what they call a window-phone. In my own perspective It’s better to call it a glass phone because  it imitates glass properties when used in the surroundings. To sum it up this thing never exists, and I’m sorry if it crashed your dream in owning this one.
glass phone
It was funny that viewers in smile panic believed that this thing is already out in the market. But the truth
 is it never really exists, if it is then this one would give steve jobs nightmares. This will dominate smartphone market for sure, the interface is more than just an eye candy but a smashing hit. I have to give a two thumbs up to the original creator of this picture, It was truly an art. Well, nobody can tell what the future is up to. Perhaps a super cool glassphone is not too far till this thing is in the hands of mankind


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