Sunday, December 26, 2010

Desktop/Laptop with in built Projector


The era of technology and latest gadgets are changing so fast. Today's latest technology will be the older by tomorrow of something new and advance comes. It is really important that when you buy any electronics make sure buy the very latest one. You might be aware about the changes in computer since it is been discovered. The desktop computer has been replaced with laptops and very soon they will be replaced by palmtops. As is my latest post I have added a tiny mobile type projector, Aiptek Pocket Cinema, which required a computer to connect it with. Now imagine the laptop/desktop itself with inbuilt projector. Yes this is a new concept has been arrived during the middle of 2008. The "B-membrane" design by Korean designer Won-Seok Lee, I think the best ever I have seen.

Now there is no need for bulky monitor to attach or roam around for projector. This concept design has its unique functionality and stunning modern look. The omni directional projector has been placed on a round dish type dock, which is fixed. This device has ultra modern stunning look. The projector displays large screen on any desire location which will be best for teaching or conference purpose. The main highlights of this Kubrick inspired mother ship computer is its touch pad type keyboard, which appears when needed. This is also enabled with a optical drive and when not needed as computer the projector can beam ambient light effects on any surface you desire.

Well these were the functionalities; it has some drawback as well. This can be used only in dark area, but well if it has projector than has to be. The design is very nice but can not be mobile as it will be difficult to arrange it like laptop in laptop bags. Keyboard looks bit awkward to use, but in conference and study module you hardly require keyboard isn't it? Well it looks bit bulky as well. Apart from I will say concept is really good but needs bit alteration in design, like removable projector and keyboard layout.


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