Monday, May 2, 2011

MP3 Player Innovative Concep

Much like his Fluid Smartphone, Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata has
developed another wearable gadget that becomes a fashion accessory to
complement the style of next-gen users. Hailed as " MP3 Player
Creative," the portable music player features a flexible OLED screen
that other than displaying the playlist also lets the user select the
song or control volume with just a touch of a finger. Worn around the
wrist like a bracelet, the MP3 concept gives easy accessof the
functions to the user. In addition, the sleek music player includes
wireless headphones to offer clutter-free music on the go.


Unknown said...

x favore mi dite se รจ gia' in commercio in italia e se si dove posso trovarlo a napoli?

Unknown said...

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