Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Concept of the scanner as a magnifying glass

High technology and technological deviceshave given us access to
opportunities that were not there before. We got something new, and
particularly chic in this case is the connection with something
familiar, familiar objects give a person a sense of comfort. In this
assured the four Chinese designers who have developed a concept device
called Magnifying Glass. Gadget includes a scanner for reading the
image, the display content management, and a projectorfor supplying
images to the outer surfaces. Ability to use this toy really much:
people with low vision can use the Magnifying Glass as an ordinary
magnifying glass to read some text on paper and see it enlarged.
Something interesting from a newspaper, magazine or book, you can
scan, take a picture, save it and then share it on the wall or screen.
The range of functions Magnifying Glass is really very wide, although
they can be implemented on present-day smartphones with tablets, they
too are now getting built-in projectors. However, with a sophisticated
user interfaceto work with an electronic magnifying glass will be much
more comfortable, especially for a beginner.
Designers: Xuefei Liu, Di Fang, Chengcheng Gu and Desheng Si


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