Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Concept of the future computer

For many years,the computer workstation consists of a system unit,
monitor and devices I / O information. However, Dell has decided to
change our idea of the "right" workplace.
System Dell Smart Desk consists of the quality conventional monitor
and additional touch panel, which is placed horizontally on a table.
This panel has several functions. Firstly, it may serve as an
additional display, which will be useful for certain types of work.
The second function of the touch screen in use it as an input device.
Moreover, it can be used not only as a keyboard, but also as a device
for drawing, handwriting, and other interactive features.
It is worth noting that the display supports up to 10 simultaneous
keystrokes and work with a stylusthat will surely appreciate the
people who work with graphics and video. Of course,touchpad can be
used as a normal touch screen, but to use the device in a horizontal
position much easier. Currently, Dell is positioning the system as a
working concept, but nothing prevents them to make it as real product.


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