Friday, January 20, 2012

Concept interactive car windows.

How boring and uninteresting to sitin the back seat of a car and just
look out the window. This can be corrected and revitalize dull stay on
the road! With the 'windows of opportunity' ('WOO') project, GM
collaborated with students in the 'future lab' masters course at
bezalel academy of arts and design in jerusalem to transform car
windows into interactive displays. Produced full scale functional
prototypes of a rear passenger seat and side windows, using 'eyeclick'
motion and optical sensor technology to transform the glass into an
interactive surface on which they featured their game designs. Take a
look at these 4 Projects. This technology can be used in the future.
'pond' seeks to increase interactivity not solely within but also
among cars, letting users sharemusic and messages with passengers of
other vehicles via a networked interface. text can also be spun
outwards to be read by any fellow travelers.
'foofu' is a high-tech take on drawing in window fog, providing
acolourful backdrop for finger painting.
'otto', an animated travel companion, offers an educational experience
by responding to the landscape, weather, and car performance, for
example, moving more quickly as the car speeds up. the creature can
also provide lights or be controlled in his environmentvia gestures.
'spindow' provides a realtime look at the window view of other users
from around the globe.
passengers may select a city from a spinnable globe and then watch as
that destination's landscape is overlain on the window display
overtheir own. So how you like this concept? Really?


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