Friday, June 24, 2016

Concept VR headset for 2020

Everybody’s talking about VR headsets nowadays. How about the future? What will the virtual reality devices of the future look like?  Concept virtual reality, light and shadow, are intended for two different experiments. 
Shadow, hoodie with a built-in mask, designed for maximum immersion in virtual reality. VR device is powered by a portable mini computer, which makes it completely wireless and autonomous. Shadow is focused on hardcore gamers, who can pull a hoodie over his head and immediately interact with the virtual world. Still, hoody has a number of technologies that help players stay in touch with the real world. Built-in front camera tracks gestures and streaming video in real time to provide players with an opportunity to understand when other people are in the room. The mask also has an external screen, which will show owners what the player sees. This high-tech product, which is, in appearance as a “social shield” or additional screen, allows to attend to other people in the virtual experience. Future technology Concept VR headset for 2020
Suit Light, on the other hand, for the conventional VR members, although it uses many of the same technology as the shadow suit. This is a wireless connection to a computer or game console, and is placed around the head like a hood. As the shadow of a suit has camera motion tracking that allows the owner to see what is happening around him. Audio system allows players to hear outside sounds, giving the owner more direct communication with the outside world.  The whole array of gadgets is very light and comfy.
In principle, the idea of ​​company make sense. It are simply an attempt to connect the virtual world with the world of reality.
A group of designers from Seattle Future technology Concept VR headset for 2020   Future technology Concept VR headset for 2020  Future technology Concept VR headset for 2020 Future technology Concept VR headset for 2020Future technology Concept VR headset for 2020Future technology Concept VR headset for 2020
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