Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Concept smart watches from e-paper

The market of smart watches and fitness bracelets is growing rapidly,
and that users about you said and wanted to buy your products, they
must be something surprise. As it turns out, Sony is well aware. B
next year the Japanese Sony Corporation is planning to issue smart
watches made of electronic paper. To the front of the strap the new
smart hours will be used innovative material,patented by Sony
specifically for this device.
Reported that the Japanese manufacturer decided to use E-Ink-screens
not only for create the display, but also for the strap. Thus, the
necessary information can be displayed to the user on the clock
itself, as well as on their bracelet. Technologically it is relatively
easy to implement, since the flexible E-Ink-screensfor a long time
have long existed on the market. When creating a watches,Sony would
focus not so much on their functionality, as on the appearance of the
Perhaps the creation of this gadget is one of the steps to revise a
strategy by the Japanese company.


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