Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Concept the external battery Zap & Go

Today the minds of engineers,that coming up with the mobile power
supply, captured a graphene. He has incredible conductivity much more
efficiently of traditional technologies.
Developers of startup Zapgocharger informed of the recent achievements
progress. Therefore decided to get ahead of the big corporations and
announced portable supercapacitor. Gadgets gave "speaking name>> - Zap
& Go. The classic external battery device characterized by the absence
of aluminum electrodes
These elements are replaced by analogs of graphene. What gives in
practice? The smaller dimensions of the device at a higher output
voltage: 6 V vs. conventional 2.7. But most importantly - recharges
invention literally 5 minutes. From zero to one hundred percent. Can
not connect Zap & Go to an outlet in advance (for example - at night).
From now on there is no such need.
What is the capacity of the new items? 1500 mAh. Enough to completely
"back to life" device like Apple iPhone. Besides six models - its
energy reserves will recover only 75% (the same story with the Galaxy
S5 from Samsung)
Sounds great. Do cons? Exceptionally one. The creators can boast
prototype and not the ready serial samples. To start mass production,
they need the money. They now (quite successfully) try to collect
using the users on the site Indiegogo.True,to the public battery not
go soon - in October 2015.


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