Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mobiado Aston Martin CPT002 Transparent Android Smartphone

Mobiado Aston Martin CPT002 Transparent Android Smartphone
Mobiado Aston Martin CPT002 Transparent Android Smartphone
The Canadian company, Mobiado and British sports cars maker, Aston
Martin, have introduced a transparent phone concept, calledthe Mobiado
CPT002 Aston Martin. The new Mobiado CPT002 Aston Martin concept is
developedby joint collaboration of British luxury sports cars maker,
Aston Martin. Most importantly, this is aluxury phone concept which
has a solid sapphire crysta. There are only two main parts on the
phone. A big sapphire glass held by two titanium edges. The sapphire
glassis a capacitive touch screen and a display. You can see in the
picturethat the android icons are displayed. All the phone's
electronics, SIM Card and the battery are housed inside the titanium
edge. This handset can work together with Aston Martin Cars and can
even unlock the cars.Once inside the car, the handset can communicate
with the car andcan provide in-car wireless connectivity.
Mobiado CPT002 Aston Martin Concept Luxury Phone Specifications :
*.Packs a solid sapphire crystal
*.FourSquare will show your current location as well as the location
of your friends
*.Transparent capacitive touchscreen display
*.Crafted from platinum that's incorporate the battery, SIM card, and
*.Integrated social networking
*.Can be used as a key to your Aston Martin vehicle
*.GPS navigation system
*.Integrated camera


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